Founded in 1986, Zhuhai Founder PCB Development Co., Ltd. (Founder PCB) is one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in China. The company produces , high-density interconnect (HDI) boards, rigid multi-layer boards (to 40 layers), and oversized backplanes supporting a global customer base in the telecommunications, computing, automotive, mobility, medical, and industrial markets.

Founder PCB's customer support footprint spans the entire world, with service centers set up in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Today, we operate 5 factories in Chongqing and Zhuhai, relying on the resources of Founder PCB and consolidate the foundation while concentrating on technology research. Through innovation, product quality, and customer service, we are determined to be the world's leading PCB supplier.

Founder PCB will continue to make the investments required to achieve world-class product quality and per capita operating efficiency through the construction of intelligent factories, so that it can contribute significantly to the future development of the 5G era.

95.5 thousand
square feet
month production
number of employees
sales (2018)
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